The population of Aberlady, as recorded in the 2011 census, is 1166 people in 479 households.

However, when the outlying communities of Craigielaw, Gosford, Luffness and Ballencrieff are included – all of which are in the catchment area of Aberlady’s school – the figure rises to 1514 people in 616 households.

Place People Households
Aberlady village 1166 479
Craigielaw 109 39
Gosford, Aberlady Mains, Luffness 87 39
Ballencrieff 152 59
Total 1514 616


Scotland’s Census website:

Census data

To explore the 2011 population data on the Scotland’s Census website, starting from the Area Profiles section: a) for year, choose 2011; b) for area type, choose Output Area 2011; c) zoom in on the map and click to highlight (in red) the area you want; d) click Get data to update the information underneath the map. To find information for Aberlady village as a whole, set the area type to Locality 2010.

Population change

In the 2001 census, the population of Aberlady village was 873 people in 384 households. The increase to 2011 was largely a result of housing development on the south side of Aberlady in 2002-03 consisting of 74 dwellings by CALA and 19 by Cruden (Glenpeffer Avenue). The increase of 293 people (from 873 to 1166) over those ten years represents growth of one-third (33%) in the village population.

In 2017, planning permission was granted to Cruden for a development of a further 107 homes at the west side of the village. This will represent an increase of almost a quarter (22%) in the number of dwellings.